Although the Eudora Welty Foundation and Welty House and Garden are unable to have a Scholastic Writing Awards ceremony this year in keeping with safety precautions regarding the Coronavirus, we are pleased to share photos of the 2021 awards winners here. Schools and individual winners are invited to send digital photos to Sally Birdsall, administrator of the Scholastic Writing Awards for the Mississippi Region, to Please include name, school, hometown, grade, categor(ies), and award(s) received.

Pictured here are Jackson Academy Upper School award winners. They are, from left, Lucy Elfert, Gold Key for Personal Essay/Memoir “Anxiety’s Story,” Honorable Mention for Dramatic Script “Therapy Thursday’; Addie Elliott, Honorable Mention for Flash Fiction “Mr. Shelby’s Library”; Caroline Redman, Silver Key for Flash Fiction “A Pirate’s War,” Silver Key for Poetry “Forgotten Childhood,” Silver  Key for Short Story “Flynn Gallagher: Swashbuckling Rogue”; Kate White, Honorable Mention for Flash Fiction “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”; Elena Roberts, Honorable Mention for Flash Fiction “The End” and for Poetry “When I Remember This Life”; and Natalie Turner, Silver Key for Personal Essay/Memoir “Nike.”

Here are winners from throughout the state who have shared their pictures.

Maggie Birdsall, Jackson Prep, Silver Key for poetry, “The Lonely Man” with teacher Sarah Atkinson. 

Annalyce Riley, Cathedral High, Silver Key for journalism “Linking Livestock to Climate Change.” 









Gold Key winners from Lamar School, Betsy Suarez, Personal Essay/Memoir “The Untold Story Behind Work”; Svanik Ravi, Critical Essay Leadership”; Bella Gray, poetry “Growth”; Ahmed Pasha, personal essay/memoir “Personal Essay.”










Back row, Maggie Triplett, Abby Cope,   

Caroline Prewitt, Ali Rowland, Jaemin Byeon,  

Front row, Wyatt Davidson, Hannah Grace Hannington,

Elizabeth Scott Bond,  (not pictured, Isaac Hall), 

Lamar School, Silver Key







              Davis McBrayer,                             Jaylin Jones, MS School for

            Jackson Morgan,                           Math and Science, Silver Key

                    (not pictured, Ward Adams)          and Honorable Mention

           Lamar School, Honorable




Jayden Woullard, Murrah High,                             Norah Bruce, Oxford High,                     Alana Brown-Davis, South Pike

Silver Key                                                                           Silver Key                                                         High, American Voices Nominee,

Gold Key, Honorable Mention


Isabella Flores,                       Anna Lamanilao, Vicksburg Catholic               Kristin Barrett, Petal         Wyatt Carter, Petal High,

St. Andrew’s High,                     High, Silver Key, Teacher Dani Kay Thomas       High, Gold Key                         Gold Key

Silver Key


Loren Wade, Petal High, Silver Key                    Petal High, Silver Key                                           Petal High, Honorable Mention


Anna-Lewis Bryant, Northwest Rankin High          Calum Palmer, Northwest Rankin            Elizabeth Ratliff, Northwest Rankin High,

High, Honorable Mention                                           High,  Silver Key                                                        Silver Key


Madelyn Berry, Northwest Rankin High,                  Parks Webb, Northwest Rankin High                        Samson Kassahun, Northwest

Silver Key                                                                          Honorable Mention                                                       Rankin High, Silver Key


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