The Welty House and Garden is showing off signs of Spring as well as an abundance of camellia blossoms and is offering special opportunities to share them with you. Each month they are celebrating Bouquet Days when guests are welcome to schedule a walk through the Welty Garden with a staff member who will help them cut a handful of flowers to take home. Guests should bring their own jars or containers with water to transport their flowers. There is a suggested donation of $5.00.

February slots filled up fast, and guests took home cuttings of camellias, snapdragons, narcissus, and quince. To schedule a visit in March, watch the Eudora House and Garden Facebook page.

The annual Spring Plant Sale is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 17, according to Rachel Lott, Special Projects Coordinator. This year’s selection will feature propagates and seeds from the Garden as well as varieties of historic plants that are difficult to propagate, such as Gulf Pride azaleas, Lady Clare camellias, Stokes aster, native yellow columbine, and others. The staff could use some extra grocery bags abs boxes for customers to transport their purchases.

For a robust photography exploration of the Eudora Welty House and Garden, follow their Instagram account continuously updated by Jessica Russell, Garden Project Specialist.


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