1879 – Christian Webb Welty born.

1883 – Chestina Andrews Welty born.

1904 – Christian Webb Welty and Chestina Andrews Welty marry.

1907 – The Weltys’ son Christian Welty dies at age 15 months.

April 13, 1909 – Eudora born in Jackson, Mississippi, at 741 N. Congress Street.

1912 – Brother Edward Welty born.

1915 – Brother Walter Welty born.

1924 – A sister is stillborn.

1925 – Graduates from Jackson’s Central High School

1925-27 – Attends Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, Mississippi

1927-29 – Attends and graduates from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

1930-31 – Attends Columbia University School of Business

1931 – Christian Webb Welty, Eudora Welty’s father, dies.

1931-34 – Eudora works in Jackson at WJDX radio station.

1933-35 – Eudora writes Jackson society columns for the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

1936 – Eudora publishes her first stories, “Death of a Traveling Salesman” and “Magic,” in Manuscript magazine, has a one-woman photographic exhibit in New York City, and works for the Works Progress Administration.

1937 — Eudora has a second photographic exhibit in New York city and travels to Mexico with three Jackson friends.

1937-39 – Eudora publishes ten stories in the Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, River.

1939 – Eudora works for the Mississippi Advertising Commission.

1940 – Diarmuid Russell becomes Eudora Welty’s agent.

1941 – Eudora publishes stories in the Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s Bazaar. Her first book of stories, A Curtain of Green, is published.

1942The Robber Bridegroom

1943The Wide Net

1944 – Eudora works for several months as a copy editor and staff reviewer for the New York Times Book Review.

1946Delta Wedding

1946-47 – Eudora has two extended stays in San Francisco.

1949The Golden Apples

1949-50 – Eudora travels through Europe on a Guggenheim Fellowship.

1951 – Eudora spends a few months in England and Ireland.

1952 – Elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

1954 – Eudora lectures at Cambridge University in England and publishes The Ponder Heart.

1955The Bride of the Innisfallen; Eudora receives Howell’s Medal from Academy of Arts and Letters.

1956 – Jerome Chodorov’s and Joseph Fields’s dramatization of The Ponder Heart runs on Broadway.

1959 – Eudora’s brother Walter dies.

1963 – Eudora publishes “Where is the Voice Coming From?” in The New Yorker.

1966 – Eudora’s mother Chestina and her brother Edward die.

1966 – “The Demonstrators” appears in The New Yorker.

1969 – “The Optimist’s Daughter” appears in The New Yorker.

1970 – Eudora publishes Losing Battles, a novel begun in 1955.

1971 – Eudora’s book of photographs, One Time, One Place, is published, and she is elected to American Academy of Arts and Letters.

1972The Optimist’s Daughter in revised and expanded form is published, and Eudora receives the Gold Medal for Fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

1973The Optimist’s Daughter receives a Pulitzer Prize.

1974 – Eudora travels through Italy and France.

1976 – Alfred Uhry’s dramatization of The Robber Bridegroom runs on Broadway.

1978The Eye of the Story

1979 – Artist-in-residence, British Studies Program, Associated Colleges of the South, held at Oxford University

1980The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty; Eudora receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

1983 – Eudora delivers the William E. Massey, Sr., Lectures in the History of American Civilization at Harvard University.

1984One Writer’s Beginnings; Eudora travels to England and Italy.

1986 – Eudora receives National Medal of the Arts.


1990 – Travels to London

1991Norton Book of Friendship, co-edited with Ronald A. Sharp

1996 – Receives French Legion of Honor in ceremony held at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson.

1998 – The Library of America publishes two volumes of Eudora’s fiction and non-fiction, making her the first living writer whose works have become part of this distinguished series.

2001 – Eudora Welty dies on July 23.